THE Diary OF ... Parody
Your Journey begins with a smile, an auspicious eventful colorful imitation of happiness ... Then you frown, you think you have achieved total depravity in human wisdom .... Then you cry, you infinitely find you are close to understanding the meaning of life .. You laugh, yes, you have done well .. The journey of Joy Done Well can only be done in full 3D HD color ... I am proudly Zimbabwean and ready to share my journey into all things Joy and Beautiful ...

Delicate - Damien Rice

Delicate – Damien Rice


So why do you fill my sorrow 
With the words you’ve borrowed 
From the only place you’ve know 
And why do you sing Hallelujah 
If it means nothing to you 
Why do you sing with me at all? 

We might live like never before 
When there’s nothing to give 
Well how can we ask for more 
We might see love in some sacred place 
The look on your face is delicate 

So why do you fill my sorrow 
With the words you’ve…

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